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We are happy to inform you that you are welcome to use our new service – "Hippotherapy".

What benefits can be given by the hippotherapy?

  • It trains the vestibular apparatus;
  • It gives new motor skills;
  • Child, that was deprived from walking on his own feet receives an experience of self movement by riding horse;
  • It stimulates the development of potential abilities;
  • It provides the general rehabilitation and body strengthening;
  • The cooperation with the horse encourages the activity;
  • Exercise all groups of muscles;
  • It improves the work of cardio respiration system;
  • It forms the positive personal behavior and perks, such as persistence, purpose, consideration for others, responsibility for others, mandatory.
  • Sessions help to get rid of the complexes and fears, caused by the health limitation;
  • The child is involved in the process of active social interaction;

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