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About Us

“Dolphin World” is one of the most modern dolphinariums of the world. All norms and recommendations on sea mammal care were taken into account. 3500 square meters swimming pool with crystal clear water that is cared for with the latest Italian filtration equipment.

 Construction started in 2001 and only in April 2010 our  doors were opened for Hurghada guests and residents. Such a long construction time was cause by the desire to create a real modern and significant project that can bring pleasure and comfort stay to all day long and that still cares first for the animals.

23844631 145160592777257 6390263756043444503 nThe Ukrainian sea animals theater AQUATORIA that has been the best of the Ukraine for years with the best show during the last 7 years was the closest associate during the whole development process of this dolphinarium.

31354655 191483358317563 7769036041138567920 nA special group of exclusive sea artists was trained exclusively for this project. Now this group performs for Hurghada guests and residents.

A group of long-term experienced professional specialists composed of qualified coaches, veterinaries and specialists on animals care is always close to sea stars.

We sincerely want to create for you a real holiday, to present you these special sea and ocean dwellers, to tell you about them, to connect you with the magnificent world of the wild nature, to teach you how to protect and love it.