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Social groups


You can buy our tickets:

  • in the hotel you are staying in;
  • in the tourists shops of the city;
  • in aquacentres of the beaches of Hurgada.

It is also possible to reserve the tickets by phone numbers listed under "Contacts". Just call, and we will book you a ticket and give you a free lift!

Tickets cost (including transportation):

  • for adults and teenagers elder than 12 - 35$
  • for children (aged from 5 to 12) - 17$
  • for children under 5 is free.

After the show you can get a picture of yourself and your favourite actors!

The prices for photo (A5 size):

  • with a dolphin - 15$;
  • with a fur seal - 15$;
  • with a walrus - 15$.

We get photos ready in five minutes after we take them.