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Pille Kas: Dolphin Therapy

We have been waiting for a long time to get an opportunity to try dolphin therapy, and, finally, a child got a chance. The beginning was not easy as the child was obviously scared and experienced confused emotions, though every evening he waited for the next meeting with dolphins. After 4-5 times everything changed, he became very positive, caught up with dolphins and learned to dive and swim more on his own. Now, after the therapy the child has become much more cheerful, with quicker adaptability and better learning ability. We are thankful to Aleksey and his team. For the first time in his life Robin let do him massage, which seemed impossible before. We also thank you kindly for all those nice photos and videos, looking at them, we feel like being with You again and the child is so happy. We are looking forward to see you soon!

Monday, 05 October 2015

Carol Kirss: Dolphin Assisted therapy

My daughter has been 4 times in dolphin therapy and results are really good. First time she could not talk and she was really nervous, and autistic. She also did not know how to use potty. She started to talk a little 1 month after dolphin therapy in Odessa:) - we took 10 therapies. So we went to Odessa 2 times more and also achived great developments. Last time we have half month ago in Hurgada, Makady Bay and our friend and reletives already see & feel positive effects:). Her vocabulary is richer, autistic lines weaker and .. still do not dare to dream- but she starts to read:). By letter to letter, word to word.. shorter words are already easy for her. I truely believe that she will go to school and she can read and do even math, just like her older sister. We are so grateful and of course we are dremendously big fans of these animals and therapies. Best and probably most joyful therapy from all therapies she has been involved:). And she has got plenty of different ones:).

Monday, 05 October 2015

Спасибо за чудесный Новый Год!: Лиза

На новогодние праздники мы решили отдохнуть от холода и слетать в Египет. Когда узнали, что есть дельфинарий, решили сходить – надо же подарить себе и детям праздник. Получили море положительных эмоций. Огромное спасибо вам за такую интересную программу, замечательных артистов, а самое главное – за ту атмосферу праздника жизни которую вы дарите каждому посетителю. Судя по количеству зрителей в зале, представление понравилось не только нам. Очень хотим приехать к вам еще, ждите летом!

Monday, 28 January 2013


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