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Social groups


Stepa with his wonderful mother Natalia came from Petrozavodsk to visit us at Dolphin World. Stepan is 6 years old and he has autism.
Stepan is a very talented child, his drawings are very bright and alive, and each one has its incredible history.

But the most surprising is that the drawings of Stepan have a message and sometimes these messages look like the answers for questions of adults.
Stepan is very sensitive for everything that is going on around, and sometimes anticipates it.

Stepan’s mother is not just a mom of a special child — she is an activist! Natalia is the author of projects that were created to help special children.
And recently Natalia has realized her dream — she opened a center for autistic children. In this centre everyone can come and play with interesting toys specifically designed for such kids.

On the opening day of the center Stepan drew a picture. When Stepan showed his picture everybody were amazed — on the picture was the heart and the inscription: "Love fearlessly!"