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Dolphins and their wonderful energy.

Every object in the physical world has 7 types of energy. The above is also true of human nature: every cell, system, every part of the body, drop of blood has seven types of energy.
Any health problem starts with deficit of this energy. The more types of energy are missing the worse is the problem.

But there’re some objects which have more the 7 types of energy.
They make a good effect on a man. Dolphins are charismatic creatures that have 9 types of the energy.
They willingly share this energy with people. It leads to sick human cells get missing energy. In such a way, being with dolphins gives health improvement besides good vibes. That’s why dolphin therapy is extremely good both for adults and children.

Eduard Gulyaev is an Academic, a Doctor of energoinformational Science, the founder of the Academy of Health and Harmony.

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