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Social groups

Finnish rock-band of autists and DS people will be performing on Eurovision.

The band “Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät” was found in 2009 in the social centre for invalids.  It consists of people with autism and DS.

Pertti Kurikan, the guitar player and author  of the music, decided to play hardcore-punk in his name-day.

That’s where the name of the band came from.

The members of the band were about 40 years old by the time of forming.  

The songs of PKN are devoted to different kind of social inequity and also to problems, which the members of the band face every day.  

In 2012 a new film “Syndrome of punk” was released, which narrates about formation of the band.

This film got the People Choice Award on the festival in Tamper in 2012.

This year the band will represents Finland on Eurovision in Austria.

We sincerely wish them the victory!