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"Ava, now age seven, started drawing at the age of three and has been a very prolific and focused artist ever since. It is obvious that her visual and artistic strengths balance out her speech delay, which are in keeping with her diagnosis of autism which she received at age four and a half.

I first met Rebecca in the playground at Ava's school. She was working with Ava on a one to one basis in a classroom setting and was very inspired by her drawings. She discussed the idea of designing an Easter card using Ava's original artwork and I was delighted that someone had taken an interest in her artistic flair. As a mother, of course I rejoiced in her drawings, but I thought perhaps that was just me.

I invited Rebecca round to look through all the hundreds of drawings which I had been filing for the last few years. We got very excited about the potential of her work.

The Easter chic card sold out at a stall that Rebecca was holding in Borough market, and the money was donated to children with autism. We received a universally positive reaction to the image from family and friends. The people wanted more!!! We will be donating 10% of each sale to the the National Autistic Society.

We spent many hours scanning in her art and passionately debating which images would work well together in sets of six. Due to the enormous scale of her output this has been quite a challenge.

Ava (who has recently become a vegetarian) is a big fan of pink and has emphatically expressed a desire to see as much of this hue as possible in future colour schemes..."

Katharine (Ava's Mum)