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Dolphin World wishes you happy Knowledge Day!

September, 1 is celebrated all around the world. This holiday is serious and merry at the same time. Schoolchildren and students keep on achieving new horizons again. A lot of Dolphin World’s little friends will go to school for the first time this year.

The dolphinarium Dolphin World wishes all the students new accomplishments and patience. If you’re hard-working and determined, you will become as successful as out actors! We are looking forward to see you in the dolphinarium on September,1, and any other day!

The guests of Dolphin World are safe

Despite the volatile political situation in Egypt, there are still many tourists. Dolphin World accepts many guests as well. The administration of the dolphinarium appreciates such trust from their visitors and makes all possible efforts to keep them safe. The territory near Dolphin World is guarded, all the events and meetings are not held near the dolphinarium. None of our guests had problems due to political storm.

Moreover, the resort zone is protected by the authorities of Egypt. Politics has not affected its boisterous life, as the spokesperson of Rostourism has announced.

Dolphin World is grateful to those who are not afraid of going to Hurgada. We hope you will like it in the Dolphinarium. We will try to make your visit pleasant and safe.

The visitors of Dolphin World can make pictures on their own!

Our visitors love photos of themselves with marine mammals is. It is a fabulous treat to have a picture of you and your favourite actor and to remember your visit to the Dolphinarium for the rest of your life. We are happy to provide our friends such an opportunity and make the shooting as convenient as possible.

It’s no secret that the majority prefers to make pictures of themselves on their own cameras. Unlike many dolphinariums Dolphin World allows the visitors to do so. The prices remain the same in this case – 10$ with the walrus and the fur seals and 20$ with the dolphins. If you are willing to have the photos made on your camera on paper, you are to pay extra 5 dollars. Thus the photo with dolphins will make 25$, and the photo with a walrus and fur seals – 15$.

Mind that photos are ready in five minutes after shooting.

Dolphin World is waiting for a baby!

This season was glorious for Dolphin World. First, we have found many new friends and fans who we love dearly. Second, there will be a dolphin baby in the dolphinarium soon. The whole large family – the actors and staff of the Dolphin World – are looking forward to the birth of the kid.

The future mother is the dolphin Sabrina, a star of the Dolphin World. Now she keeps off from work, she is to take care of herself and get ready for the birth of her son or daughter. The veterinarians say that she and the fetus are in satisfactory condition. The month of its birth and its gender are still unknown. Well, let’s wait and see. May Sabrina be healthy, strong and happy being a mom!

There is a new dolphin doctor in Dolphin World!

Good news from the dolphins Sabrina and Gerasim now have a nice and intelligent colleague. The new dolphin named Gena takes part in dolphin therapy sessions and helps the disabled.

Unlike other dolphins of Dolphin World Gena does not participate in shows. His job is not an actor but a doctor. Though he has not been working with us for long, he has already proved to be a capable doctor and a geed friend.

We are happy to see Gena live in our dolphinarium. Hope that he is also happy and that his skills will help our patients to recover soon.