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International Day of diseased people in "Dolphin World"

On December, 6 "Dolphin World" has organized a free show, commemorated to the worldwide charity event in honor of the International Day of diseased people.

We have organized a wonderful celebration - the show of dolphins and marine mammals - for the people with limited abilities and for their family members.

This celebration collected more than 1.000 diseased persons from Egypt and all over the World.

The governor of the Red Sea province, Ahmed Abdallah, became an honorable guest of the celebration.

Show schedule (reminder)

Dear friends,

We remind you that you can see the show every day at 3 p.m. except Saturday.

The performance can boast a unique set of animals that you will never see anywhere else in Africa. The trained and gifted marine mammals under auspices of their trainers have prepared an unforgettable program full of surprises and breath-taking discoveries. The fur seals Smelaya and Agate, the walrus Leela, the sea lion Dimas and the dolphins Sabrina and Gerasim will never erase from your memory!

The sea actors sing and dance, they talk and play with the audience.

The highlight of the show is the performance by the world best stars – the Black Sea dolphins Sabrina and Gerasim. They represent one of the brightest brilliants from the dolphinarium's treasures. You will be delighted with the dolphins' incredible ability to draw, sing and dance. Sabrina and Gerasim always gift the ecstatic audience with streams of emotions, splashes of happiness and leaps of luck.

After the show you can have a photo of our animals and yourself. A photo with a fur seal or the walrus is 10$, the price of a picture with the dolphins is 15$. Photos will be ready in five minutes. The attendants are not allowed to have a photo with the sea lion according to the safety considerations.

The visitors are also allowed to have a photo on their own camera. In this case the prices are the same (10$ with the walrus or the fur seals and 20$ with the dolphins). In case you are willing to have a paper copy of the photo, you are to pay 5 extra dollars )15$ with the walrus or the fur seals, 25$ with the dolphins).

We will be waiting for you!

"Aquatoria" Inverted Houses project

Dear friends,

Today the "Aquatoria Daily" has prepared contests announcement for you, that are the parts of our "Inverted Houses" project.

Inverted Houses is the unique project with an interesting entertainment approach.

All of our Houses are built in a good way, fully furnitured, with a full interior design. you are welcome to have a full excursion there, visit the living areas, kitchen, bathroom, dining and guest rooms. You will have the feeling that you are in a good houses, fully prepared for living. however, tha last argument is truthful - our Inverted Houses are fully prepared for living. They even have parking places with the cars within.

So, what is unusual in several good houses? - you may ask.

The fact, that all of these houses are...inverted!

Where you are expecting the table and the chair turned out to be the seal and the chandelier, and the dining table is above your head!

Being in our Houses you will have the full perception of inverted reality! Just imagine the great number of things you may do there, starting from making inverted photos to surprise your relatives and friends! To make one of the most interesting and fascinating photos ever!

Currently we have several fully built Inverted Houses in such cities, as Novosibirsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Omsk, soon a lot more Inverted Houses are about to be opened.

And now we have decided to announce the contests with interesting gifts and prizes you are welcome to win.

for your participation you are welcome to join the Inverted House groups and watch the news from there!

The Inverted Houses "live" here:

- in the city of Nizhniy Novgorod:

- in the city of Novosibirsk:

- in the city of Omsk:


Join the Inverted House groups and receive a lot of prizes!

Auction at "Dolphin World"!

Dear friends of "Dolphin World" dolphinarium and our dolphin assisted therapy center,

Do you know that you are welcome to participate into the auction?

After the demonstration of how our dolphins can paint - their masterpieces become an auction lots and the visitor who are ready to offer the best price for them becomes a happy owner.

Take your chance!

“Dolphin World” fest for children

The morning of November, 13 turned out to be loud and joyful in the Macadi Bay – more than 1200 children came to the "Dolphin World" dolphinarium to meet with the marine animals and see the show. "Dolphin World" opened its doors to organize a fest for the children from incomplete families and the orphanage houses.

The buses, literally overcrowded by the children, were met by the colorful Arabian festival music and by the traditional skirt dancing, and the easy-going team of professional animators has made its contribution to the total atmosphere of joy and happiness.


The children were happy and pleased to dance to the rhythms of the Eastern dances. However, that was only the beginning of the conceived fest.

The marine mammal actors were met by the rousing applause. A lot of kids were already introduced to the sea lion Dimas, the fur seals Agat and Smelaya ("Brave" in Russian), charming walrus Lila and fast and rapid dolphins – Sabrina, Gerasim and Fiona, but the kid's interest were the same – they were fascinated. Hundreds of eyes were fascinated by the difficult and unusual tricks of the animals and their trainers.

There were so many impressions that the small visitors were discussing the show and giving feedbacks long after its end. The kids also have made a decision to visit "Dolphin World" again.

The feeling of happiness from the kids' side was limitless!