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The outline of the individual therapeutic procedures

Dear friends!

We would like to remind you the dolphin assisted therapy individual session procedure.

The individual session outline

The free transfer of child and parents is available from the hotel to the dolphin assisted therapy center;

  • The dolphin assisted therapy session starts with the dolphintherapist consultation, by which the medical history of child (so called "anamnesis") is collecting, the physical and mental state of the baby is specifying, the requests of parents are defining and the outline for the whole course in general and for every single session is developing;
  • The introduction and welcome – the establishing contact among the child, dolphintherapist and dolphin;
  • The game – the child's contact with the dolphin goes deeper with the assistance of the game.
  • The water part – the contact with the dolphin in the water environment, during which the intensive sensorial, locomotion and ultrasonic impact are providing;
  • The farewell part – the ending of dolphin assisted therapy process, farewell with the dolphin;
  • The fixing and correction parts – sessions with the psychologist, speech therapist, massage therapist. The fixing of mastered during the process of dolphin assisted therapy perks take place, new perks are mastering;
  • The consultation part – the summary of the session is concluding and the new aims for the following session are defining. The parents receiving their "home tasks".

After all procedures ending our free transfer transports the child and the parents to the hotel.


You are always welcome to specify any issue by:


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We do our best to make you feel comfortable!

Underwater world of Hurghada

Diving is one of the most attractive points of touristic Egypt; there is almost limitless number of abilities and opportunities for it.

Underwater world is outstandingly various and beautiful, includes 220 kinds of corals, thousands of fish of any kind, shellfish, crayfish, marine stars, morays, seahorses and turtles.

Dolphins might be also observed quite often under the mirror surface of the water. They usually go to play and communicate with divers.
Hurghada has great amount of places and grounds for diving and the prices are very acceptable. For instance, 7-hours sea trip on a comfortable boat with 2 diving sessions, food and transfer will cost you about 25$.

Low prices, suitable flights to Hurghada, great variety of comfortable hotels and an additional number of other attractive factors provide an opportunity to all interested persons to come closer to this beautiful, mysterious and absolutely unusual underwater world.



Dolphin assisted therapy for rehabilitation

It seems, that dolphins can produce not only ultrasonic sound, but also an euphoria.
No wonder that children are fond of playing and splashing with them.

Swimming with dolphins gives a charge of bright emotions and helps.
The friendliness and openness of the animals cause the response even from the most vicious kid or adult.

During the observation of people, playing with dolphins and the smiles on their faces you catch yourself
on the idea, that this smile is very similar with the dolphins smile.


Contact us:



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New offer at your service: hippotherapy

We are happy to inform you that you are welcome to use our new service – hippotherapy.

What benefits can be given by the hippotherapy?


•It trains the vestibular apparatus;


• It gives new motor skills;


• Child, that was deprived from walking on his own feet receives an experience of self movement by riding horse;


• It stimulates the development of potential abilities;


• It provides the general rehabilitation and body strengthening;


• The cooperation with the horse encourages the activity;


• Exercise all groups of muscles;


• It improves the work of cardio respiration system;


• It forms the positive personal behavior and perks, such as persistence, purpose, consideration for others, responsibility for others, mandatory.


• Sessions help to get rid of the complexes and fears, caused by the health limitation;


• The child is involved in the process of active social interaction;

You are welcome to find out all additional information by phone:


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Телефон (Viber, whatsApp, Line): +201001173378   +201119788892

Unique offer in Dolphin World!

Unique offer !!!

January and February only You can have dolphin therapy in combination with additional services:
- Sessions with a psychologist
- Sessions with a speech therapist
And all this only for 165!

Also you can take additionally a course of hippotherapy.

For more information, please:


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Теl (Viber, whatsApp, Line): +201001173378  +201119788892