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Photo with our sea stars!

With pleasure we remind that traditionally at the end of the show you will have possibility to be photographed with our actors.
The price of a picture with a fur seal or the walrus: 15$
The price of a picture with the dolphins: 15$
Photos will be ready in five minutes. The attendants are not allowed to have a photo with the sea lion according 

Dolphins and their wonderful energy.

Every object in the physical world has 7 types of energy. The above is also true of human nature: every cell, system, every part of the body, drop of blood has seven types of energy.
Any health problem starts with deficit of this energy. The more types of energy are missing the worse is the problem.

But there’re some objects which have more the 7 types of energy.
They make a good effect on a man. Dolphins are charismatic creatures that have 9 types of the energy.
They willingly share this energy with people. It leads to sick human cells get missing energy. In such a way, being with dolphins gives health improvement besides good vibes. That’s why dolphin therapy is extremely good both for adults and children.

Eduard Gulyaev is an Academic, a Doctor of energoinformational Science, the founder of the Academy of Health and Harmony.

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Brothers in mind.

Only in XX century scientists have found the scientific approval of the hypothesis that dolphins, so as people, have bright mind.

The researches of professor Portman from Zoological Institute of Basel (Switzerland), who was the inventor of mind abilities scale, have shown that dolphins concede only few points went to compare with human being – 195 scores vs. 214 (however, the “official ancestor” of human being – monkeys – has only the 4-th position with 64 scores).

In addition, the brain of dolphins is just the same by size with the human’s one, but the number of gyrus is twice bigger, which is not the only one benefit of their “alternative mind”. These mammals are much moral than humans: among their “sins” we can see only jealous and love to fun.


Our contacts:


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Happy Easter, dear friends!
Our dolphinarium congratulates you and your families on the Light Holiday of Easter!
Every year comes the spring and bears in itself the world and new life, light hope and happiness.
Our big and friendly staff of "Dolphin World" wishes you the world and harmony, light and pleasure, love and be loved!

Kids With and Without Down Syndrome Answer the Same Questions

What do you want to be when you grow up? What’s your favorite food? These are questions every person has answers to.
To celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, siblings Lauren and Paul Costabile produced the short video below, called “More Alike Than Different.”

In it, they asked kids with Down syndrome, as well as typically developing kids, some simple questions and recorded their answers.
The Costabiles, who made the video in collaboration with a number of Down syndrome organizations, are also the producers and creators of “Bailey’s World,” a TV show in development featuring a main character with Down Syndrome.
The message of the video above is clear — we all deserve to be loved, included and accepted in our society.