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Social groups


Inside the shoal of porpoises dolphins form a very close relationship. Scientists noticed that dolphins care for the sick, wounded and elderly relatives, and the female dolphin can help another female in difficult childbirth. At this time the dolphins nearby, guard the female floating around her for protection.

Dolphintheraphy in Autumn.

Dear friends, we remind you that you are welcome to specify all related issues about dolphin assisted therapy:
- by e-mail:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- by phone (Viber, whatsApp, Line): +201001173378   +201119788892
We will be happy to assist!


Dear friends of "Dolphin World" dolphin assisted therapy center,

We remind you that you still have an opportunity to apply for autumn dolphin assisted therapy and combine your vacation and health treatment!

Dolphin assisted therapy is effective in case of the following diseases and disorders from both adults and children:

- Psychological and speech development delays;

- Early infantile autism and Asperger syndrome;

- Down syndrome

- The deficit attention and hyperactivity syndrome;

- Musculoskeletal system diseases;

- The central and peripheral nervous system diseases, including the children cerebral palsy;

- Behavioral disorders;

- Posttraumatic stress disorders;

- Chronic fatigue syndrome (asthenic syndrome);

- Muscle fatigue;

- Psychosomatic disorders;

Have a cozy weekend!

Where possible to get tickets for show?


For your convenience you may obtain tickets of "Dolphin World" by several ways:
Book now +201001173378  +201119788892 or
- in the hotel you are staying in;
- in the tourists shops of the city;
- in aquacentres of the beaches of Hurgada.

Tickets cost (transfer included):

- for adults and teenagers elder than 12 - 35$
- for children (aged from 5 to 12) - 17$
- for children under 5 is free.

You are welcome to make photos with marine mammals after show.

The prices for photo (A5 size):

- with a dolphin - 15$;
- with a fur seal - 15$;
- with a walrus - 15$.

Photos will be ready in 5 minutes.

"Dolphin World"as a leisure entertainment and treatment center!

We have passed a long way from the moment of the opening of dolphinarium and became a place where you can not only have a wonderful rest, but also improve your health condition and receive positive and kind emotions.

Achieving this aim have been very difficult, it took a lot of efforts to gather a team of bright and qualified people and learn them how to interact as a team. To prepare new performance programmes and programmes of dolphin assisted therapy, always implement something fresh and new. However, despite all the difficulties, we do proud for the result.