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Underwater world of Hurghada.

Diving is one of the most attractive points of touristic Egypt; there is almost limitless number of abilities and opportunities for it.

Underwater world is outstandingly various and beautiful, includes 220 kinds of corals, thousands of fish of any kind, shellfish, crayfish, marine stars, morays, seahorses and turtles.


Dolphins might be also observed quite often under the mirror surface of the water. They usually go to play and communicate with divers. 

Hurghada has great amount of places and grounds for diving and the prices are very acceptable. For instance, 7-hours sea trip on a comfortable boat with 2 diving sessions, food and transfer will cost you about 25$.


Low prices, suitable flights to Hurghada, great variety of comfortable hotels and an additional number of other attractive factors provide an opportunity to all interested persons to come closer to this beautiful, mysterious and absolutely unusual underwater world.


Dolphins - wonderful marine animales.


Dolphins are wonderful marine animals, they emit special energy and harmony. 
The communication with dolphins has special benefits for people. 
It helps to cope with many diseases, to improve mood and physical condition.

Underwater realm - the incredible images of photographer Anuar Patjane.


A selection of the incredible underwater photographs taken by Anuar Patjane Floriuk, winner of the Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2015.

Through his Underwater Realm series, the Mexican photographer takes us into the abyss to encounter sharks, whales, stingrays or dolphins, thanks to complex and captivating compositions, bathed in a beautiful light.

Some really impressive black and white photographs! It’s with his photograph Whale Whisperers, in which divers are encountering a whale and her little calf, that Anuar Patjane Floriuk earned the title of Traveler Photographer of the Year.

Believe in your child!

Mom's mission is protection her kid from fear. Mommy always gives us feeling of shelter. A child knows, whatever has happened, what kind of mistakes have been done, mother is the only person to accept, to forgive and to give emotional warmth. She can give us some kind of energy, to heal the soul wound, give us blessing: “I believe in you, it will be all right”.