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The sweetest lion Dimas.

Our hot Chili alpha-male, South American sea lion Dimas is sure to astonish you with his physical education. Dimas adores beach volleyball and surfing. He is capable to act very quickly in case anybody sinks.
And still it very darling)
See you at the show in the Dolphin World!
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"Dolphin World" - leisure, entertainment and health center

Dear friends,

We have passed a long way from the moment of the opening of dolphinarium and became a place where you can not only have a wonderful rest, but also improve your health condition and receive positive and kind emotions.

Achieving this aim have been very difficult, it took a lot of efforts to gather a team of bright and qualified people and learn them how to interact as a team. To prepare new performance programmes and programmes of dolphin assisted therapy, always implement something fresh and new. However, despite all the difficulties, we do proud for the result.

You are welcome to give your own feedback about the total result of our efforts.

We wish you a wonderful weekend and positive emotions!

Happy Halloween!

If you think that you hear the ultrasound this night, don't be afraid. It's our dolphins are singing for you. Happy Halloween!


Our sea actors sing and dance, they talk and play with the audience.
The fur seals Smelaya and Agate, the walrus Leela, the sea lion Dimas and the dolphins Sabrina Gena, Fiona and Gerasim will never erase from your memory!
See you at the show in the Dolphin World!