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Little guests of Dolphin World prefer dolphins

January was an exciting period both for staff and the actors of Dolphin World. Lots of tourists who came to Hurgada for winter holiday were happy to visit our dolphinarium. Marine animals did their best and all of them have deserved thousands of kind reviews. However, tastes of the spectators differ.

For instance, kids are fond of the dolphins. “They are jolly and never turn blue”, one boy said. Children were delighted to see the tricks performed by Sabrina and Gerasim. Those lucky ones who managed to get the painting by their favorites have considered that day as ‘the happiest in their lives’.

However, their parents and grandparents give their nod to the charming walrus Lila and the sporty fur seals Smelaya and Agate. And ladies of all ages are with the crush on the sea lion Dimas – strong, self-confident and irresistibly masculine.

Nevertheless, it does not mean some actors’ superiority. The visitors of Dolphin World confessed that all the animals were brilliant, leaving alone personal preferences. “All of them are great, being a perfect match to each other. Every actor gives a special color to the show that would be poor without even one of them”, our guest from Rostov says. “Dolphin World has gathered real stars, and we were lucky to see them’, he adds.