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February 19 - World Whale and Dolphin Day

Today is the holiday for everyone concerned about marine mammals - World Whale and Dolphin Day. Being established in 1986, on the day the International Whaling Commission prohibited whaling, it became a great victory of mankind and the hope of marine mammals – both cetaceans and their “neighbors” in the Ocean.

Some years ago it became the day of protection all species of marine mammals. February, 19 is the day of various ecological events and conferences.

World Whale and Dolphin Day is a significant date for Dolphin World. We love our artist and do our best to make them feel at home. We also try to help their wild “relatives”. We struggle against the Ocean pollution and the illegal captures of marine mammals and help the animals endangered. In addition, we visit different scientific events to learn more about our pets.

For example, our Russian colleagues visited the press conference “Whales and Dolphins: Do they need protection?” in the House of The UN. The event was a meeting of press and the experts of the development program of the UN. Our colleagues took part in listening to the scientific report dedicated to the question of marine life conservation and the discussion of the new UN project concerning reserves for sea animals. This was a very useful event that helped us to accept new information about our pets.